Maureen Bagi
Congratulations! You are the only person I know who will stand up for God and their beliefs! This man-made law is not God's law.....look what they did to Jesus too! You hang in matter what they do to you! God's law is permanent.....
Rhonda Miller
Was blessed by a cashier at Chick-fil-A tonight. When she took our order she asked for a name. My cousin told her "Miller". The cashier then asked her if she was related to Ken Miller and went on to say that he is on her prayer list! You are on many, many "prayer lists", Ken, and I believe God will continue to give you the grace and strength that you need for this journey! May ...
Stanley Boyd
Your incarceration and recent events in Nicaragua with Timo's case are a reminder of the cost of discipleship. Thank you for being an "example of the believers"!
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