Charlotte Miller
Hey my dear brother, Just want you to know your sis is thinking of you often, wondering what you are doing, praying for strength and grace for you and yours. I especially am praying that your ministry where you are will be fruitful and that there will be a "ripple" effect on the lives of all you touch in there. Who knows how far reaching your influence could be in a 'captive' ...
Janet Stasulli
Check out 419fund based on Philippians 4:19. I created the Christian crowdfunding site to help Philip Zodhiates with his legal fees, and set up a fund for Isabella to use when she returns. Postcards for Philip's exoneration: Print on card stock, 1st and 2nd pages front and back.
Dear Ken. We pray for you daily Ken. It is part of my wife and I's daily devotions together in the morning. We remember Timo also. May Gods continued presence be with you daily. From eternity past God knew all about this. He knew who you would be in prison with, and their need of the Gospel. You are in a mission field. May Satan be defeated in the lives of those around you,and the kingdom o...
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