Bro. Ken We pray for you every day for Holy Sprit protection. Many don't realize it, but the only thing that the child of God is promised in the Bible is Persecution. We are in a wicked world that is not a friend to the true Christian. Thanks for setting a true example for us.
Pete Lewis
Dear Ken:Amy Carmichael, a missionary without leave for 40 years in India, came to the realization that every trial, sorrow, disappointment, and reverse in her life was actually an opportunity to die to self; instead of an obstacle, each one should be viewed as an opportunity to glorify God. That's a tough message, but I would commend you on having obviously grasped the principle in your circ...
Hello Ken, I've been praying for you and your family and I admire your commitment to God above men. May His blessings continue to rain upon you and your family! In Christ, Kelley
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