Dan Hornbostel
You have been, and will be in my prayers. May God give you grace and make you a light wherever you are sent. Thank you for having the courage that Isabella Miller be raised by her mother.
Marcus Byler
Our prayers are with you Brother Ken as you continue to stand for Christ. You are an encouragement! I cannot imagine being separated from my family as you are being forced to do. God bless you
Leon Moyer
I can only wonder how closely the gov't is watching all of us who comment here or contact Ken. The reason is that on Dec. 14th I wrote to info at millercase dot org and asked about the appellate decision. I received a reply the same day from Darrell Hershberger who wrote to me in an email: "we are still waiting". So on the 16th, two days later, he is no longer waiting, he gets th...
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