Dan Freed
Hi Brother Ken, We are so sorry to learn that the future appears to include time spent in prison. But your positive attitude in this situation is extremely encouraging. We believe that Romans 8:28-29 will continue to be true of your life in the days ahead. Here at Bethel Mennonite we will continue to pray for you and for your family. 2 Thess. 3:3 "The Lord is faithful who will strengthe...
Janet Stasulli
Check out 419fund based on Philippians 4:19. I created the Christian crowdfunding site to help Philip Zodhiates with his legal fees, and set up a fund for Isabella to use when she returns. Postcards for Philip's exoneration: https://tinyurl.com/yaz54p5k Print on card stock, 1st and 2nd pages front and back.
Keturah C. Martin
AMBASSADORS OF LOVE DIVINE Matthew 25:34-46 A hungry old tramp came in rags to my door, So starving and faint as he sank to the floor, The flesh may recoil from the filth of his state, But what would Christ do had he come to His gate? An old, thirsty beggar approached with dry lips So parched she could no longer ask for a sip Of something to drink, for some cold water, clear – A wo...
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