Sim Yoder
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It is such encouragement to know that there are men who would rather suffer than bring harm to God's Kingdom. Keep up your courage, the Christian community is strengthened by your commitment. God bless you.
Sol Benedict
Appreciated your updates. I had to smile at your spirit when reading of your "loud" declaration of God's design for marriage at the wedding reception you celebrated with friends at Petersburg Low. I am sure there were times when our Lord spoke clearly and distinctly and loudly when making a point He felt strongly about. Your many prayer warriors are holding you and your family up...
Leon Moyer
Sure wish you would all realize the way gov't is using you to further the ******ual agenda! That is correct, they want to prove that people can not take children from ******ual couples out of this nation, or they will be prosecuted, as now appears to be happening to Timothy, Philip, Lisa and most like Ken, again. Will you make this your Ebenezer, the line in the sand, where you bring togeth...
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