Be strong in the LORD,keep the faith,trust God with all your heart,,mom
Klassen Family
Dear Miller Family: We have only recently learned of the trials that you are currently experiencing. We are blessed to hear that you are standing on a firm foundation. As Christians it is easier to give in to sin when times are easy and trials few. Take courage and know that God is allowing this to strengthen not only your faith but the faith of Christians all over the world. 1 Peter 4:16...
Margaret mckinven
Sad to hear you were not able to attend you sons weddin ken. However I am please you were able to rejoice in there union over the telephone as well as celebrate with your fellow inmates. May our blessed Lord continue to use and bless you all . May the Lord continue to renew your strength daily and that of all the family as you serve the Lord each and every day. Continue to remember you all inp...

The Case

Trial Plans Being Made

A trial in Vermon seems inevitable. As of May 1, the Honorable William K. Sessions III has scheduled a pretrial conference for May 25 and jury draw for June 12. 

Whatever the outcome of a trial, Ken and his family are committed to following the ways of Jesus, who in His trial before Pilate declared, "I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth." Ken's number one priority, in whatever lies ahead, is to bear witness to the Truth about God, marriage, family, and the transforming power of Jesus--even if it involves suffering.

"Nothing can take my freedom away," Ken says, "because I have already surrendered it to Jesus of Nazareth."

Motion to Dismiss Denied

The honorable Judge William K. Sessions III in Vermont has ruled to deny Ken's motion to dismiss the case. It looks like the case is headed for a trial; which will probably be in the next several months, or as late as this fall. While Ken and his family are disappointed about not being able to return to Ireland as soon as they had hoped, they are not discouraged. They are strong in faith and happy to be in the will of God. Please continue to pray. 

Government's Response to Motion to Dismiss

The government's response to Ken's Motion to Dismiss has been submitted. Click here. 

Motion to Dismiss filed

Ken’s attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the case. The documents below argue that the case against Ken is invalid.
Motion to Dismiss 2012-02-29 (PDF)
Brief in Motion To dismis 2012-02-29 (PDF)

Federal grand jury returned indictment as follows

(United States of America v. Kenneth L. Miller) The Grand Jury charges: “From on or about September 21, 2009 to on or about September 23, 2009, in the District of Vermont and elsewhere, defendant Kenneth L. Miller aided and abetted Lisa Miller in the removal of a child from the United States with the intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights.”