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Thank you all so much for your ongoing support! We are not soliticiting additional pledges at this time.
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You can also mail your support check, payable to Pilgrim Christian Fellowship. Address: Pilgrim Christian Fellowship Miller Family Support P.O. Box 946 Stuarts Draft, VA 24477
Kristi Miller
Ken, you and your family are in my prayers as well as our churches prayers! I am praying that you get to reach people in Prison that would never listen to you behind the pulpit! God Bless You Ken! I believe that God is gonna do great things through this! Serving in Amherst~ Kristi
Be strong in the LORD,keep the faith,trust God with all your heart,,mom
Darryl Martin
Stand firm in such a time as this let the Holy Spirit guide you in all your interactions and remember that all things work togather for good to those that love the Lord!! God bless you as you live out your faith.

The Case

Praise God. The Lord has been providing well for Ken's family, through the support of believers around the world. 

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No Word Yet

Dear Supporters, 

We are still waiting, very glad to have Ken with us, hoping he will not have to leave us again! 

The appeal is costing around $25,000. With the previious expenses, the total we need now is $43,480.00. 

Thank you for your support and prayers. 

Pilgrim Christian Fellowship

No Clear Direction Today

Brother Ken left me a voicemail just now, saying the events of today did not give them a feeling for where the case is headed. Neither did they get an indication of when the ruling would be made. The only final word is "keep praying." Thank you. 

Monday's Hearing

Dear Friends, 


Ken and his wife will soon be leaving for Connecticut, where the hearing will be held before three justices of the Second Circuit Court. This hearing, along with four other cases, has been moved from its normal venue in NYC to the University of Connecticut law school for the benefit of the law students. 

Based on the arguments presented in this appeal, the justices will, within a matter of weeks, rule on the appeal. If the ruling does not go in our favor, Ken could be back in prison soon. If it does go in our favor, we are not completely certain what the next step would be. 

Pray for what happens Monday, especially that  we and others would see and acknowledge the presence, the power, and the wisdom of our Father. Pray that Ken and Linda will be at rest.  


For anyone wanting to attend, here is the info: 

UConn Law School

William F Starr Hall Reading Room

55 Elizabeth Street

Hartford, CT 06105

Corrected Time: The court session starts at 10:00, and you should be there by 9:30. 

The Millers Have Released a CD

 The Miller family has done a bit of recording and released a CD entitled "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." Here are all the tracks on the CD that are in the public domain. Feel free to listen and download to your computer. On the CD are five additional songs that we are not able to place here due to copyright restrictions. To request a CD for free, use the contact link to the right, and include your name and address. 

Download Name Play Duration
download Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Ken Miller Family

1:31 min
download In the Land of Strangers
Ken Miller Family

1:42 min
download Heart with Loving Heart United
Ken Miller Family

2:04 min
download Hark the Glad Sound
Ken Miller Family

2:00 min
download I Lay My Sins On Jesus
Ken Miller Family

2:06 min
download All Your Anxiety
Ken Miller Family

2:28 min
download Sometimes a Light Surprises
Ken Miller Family

1:53 min
download Jesus, Still Lead On
Ken Miller Family

1:53 min
download Thou Knowest, Lord
Ken Miller Family

1:35 min
download God, the Lord a King Remaineth
Ken Miller Family

2:26 min
download Blessed Be the Name
Ken Miller Family

1:26 min

Appeal Hearing, and more funds needed

Dear friends, 


It's been awhile since we've updated. Ken has been putting his heart and soul again into pastoring at Pilgrim Christian Fellowship, his congregation in Virginia. He's waiting for a ruling on his appeal. The next step is an appeal hearing on January 27th, where the lawyers will present brief arguments. The ruling will follow, hopefully in a matter of months. 

Legal costs are ongoing, and now we're needing around $30,000. Click here to go to the donation page. 

Thank you.