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Appeal Hearing, and more funds needed

Dear friends, 


It's been awhile since we've updated. Ken has been putting his heart and soul again into pastoring at Pilgrim Christian Fellowship, his congregation in Virginia. He's waiting for a ruling on his appeal. The next step is an appeal hearing on January 27th, where the lawyers will present brief arguments. The ruling will follow, hopefully in a matter of months. 

Legal costs are ongoing, and now we're needing around $30,000. Click here to go to the donation page. 

Thank you. 

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

It is now more than six months since those wonderful words "...the Court will order that he be released."

We are still amazed by the mercy of God in allowing my release that day. None of us knows what the future holds, but we know Who holds our future. And all is well, because "All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

I kept a diary during my incarceration. Here is an excerpt which touched my heart recently as I remembered the very present grace which came from God as a result of your prayers.

"I'm sitting here at a gray metal table with three guys off to my left at another table playing cards, swearing, and occasionally singing snatches of ungodly songs. Upstairs, someone's TV is blaring raucous music. I hear the crisp shuffle of playing cards, and in the background the swift rush of the industrial toilet. I hear the swish of the shower, and thank God for at least a measure of privacy in the shower---in this place where one finds precious little privacy. On the table in front of me lies, partially read, Chuck Colson's Kingdoms in Conflict, discovered at the prison library. Could there be a more appropriate book to be reading right now?"

"My heart is strangely full, rich with the experiences of these last days. I am more out of my element than ever before, experiencing significant disorientation. Yet I am strangely warm on the inside. Right now I possess virtually nothing. All I have in personal property that I can call my own is: a KJV award Bible, the "Purple Martin Hymnbook", a pair of old Sunday shoes, two pairs of socks, a shirt, t-shirt, shorts, pants, suit coat, comb, hankie, and two partially filled index cards, plus clothing issued by the prison commissary. But I feel strangely, immensely wealthy. Is this what it feels like to own the Kingdom? If it is indeed the riches of the Kingdom, then may God in His infinite mercy expand my heart to receive it, for if He doesn't, my heart may well burst."

We arrived home on March 5th. The past six months have sped by. I've resumed my duties at the family nursery business as well as the ministry at my home church, Pilgrim Fellowship. Our family is doing well, by the grace of God.

We have filed our appeal with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York. The prosecution has until October to file a response. Then the Appeals Court will schedule a date for oral arguments and will follow with a ruling. This process could take a year or more.

Thank you for your love and concern and for all your prayers. Let's keep praying for those in need.

Ken Miller

Waynesboro, VA

September 12, 2013

From David Bercot—Role of Others in the Case

What About Timo Miller?
March 16, 2013:

Over the past six months, I’ve been asked numerous times about the role that Timothy (Timo) Miller and others played in the prosecution of the Ken Miller case. “Was it right for Timo to testify against Ken Miller?” I’m often asked. So let me explain how I look at the matter, which to the best of my knowledge, is also how Ken looks at it.

Read more: From David Bercot—Role of Others in the Case

Lisa Miller

My Impressions of Lisa Miller

It was obvious to me that Lisa Miller was a woman of great faith. Her appearance and demeanor demonstrated that she was at peace with God and at peace with herself. The expression on her face reflected an inner joy that was even more remarkable in light of the difficult situation she was in at the time. It was evident to me in the short time I was with her that here was a woman who walked with God.

Later I had the opportunity to read more about her tumultuous and at times tragic journey. It became even more obvious to me that this was a woman who had met Jesus of Nazareth and had powerfully experienced His mercy and grace. I believe Lisa is a living testimony to the Power of Jesus, the Power that can set us free from the burden of sin, even the sins of a sexual nature that all of us face in this decadent age. She would tell us that Jesus is ALIVE and standing by to help anyone who reaches out to Him with the smallest spark of faith. She would tell us that no sin is too great for Jesus to cleanse and heal, that no one is beyond hope of change. She would tell us about the great peace and joy that surrender to Jesus brings.

By all indications Lisa was in full command of her faculties, she was not unstable or delusionary as some reports have suggested.

I’m sure Lisa would admit to her share of mistakes in the custody battle, yet I believe she sought to live by her faith and conscience as best she knew how.

It was apparent that Lisa’s understanding of marriage, family and parenthood was orthodox. Her views are consistent with the Scriptures, the historical teachings of the Church, the social customs of the human race since the beginning of time, and with the beliefs of the vast majority of peoples around the world right now.

Since Lisa’s personal beliefs on these matters are rooted in the Scriptures, it was obvious that for her, these are issues of faith and conscience, and deeply held religious beliefs.

Lisa is painfully aware that in the United States, with less than 5% of the world’s population, there is a movement to radically redefine and re-engineer marriage, family and parenthood, the basic social elements God designed into the human race. She is well aware that this movement operates through all the agencies of American culture, the media, education, the entertainment world, modern psychology, the law and courts, and even through some churches. Lisa knows from personal experience that this movement is coordinated, relentless, and determined to cause everyone to conform to its ideology, and that it will attempt to marginalize and penalize those who do not conform.

In order to stay true to her faith and conscience, Lisa chose to flee with her daughter instead of conforming. She is still fleeing. She has been charged with kidnapping her own biological daughter and according to recent court testimony is still being hunted by the United States Government—“bouncing around the barrios of Nicaragua,” as some news reports have put it, trying to stay ahead of the authorities.

From what I know about her faith and conscience, I think it could be rightly said that Lisa Miller left the United States and fled to Nicaragua in search of religious freedom, the freedom to raise her daughter under God’s order—as her faith and conscience and deeply held religious beliefs called her to do.

These are my impression of my Sister in Christ, Lisa Miller.

Ken Miller

Waynesboro, VA

March 9, 2013

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