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W. Auker
We sang this song at our prayer meeting last night. (Wed. 3/23) It was an encouragement to me to keep pressing on, even when life is hard and discouraging. May God bless you and your family, Ken,as you continue being "an example of the believer". Go Labor On Go, labor on: spend, and be spent Thy joy to do the Father’s will; It is the way the Master went: Should not the serv...
Dan Freed
Hi Pastor Ken, Thank you for writing and for continuing to look to our Lord Jesus Christ for daily grace and peace. I thank God for how you are encouraging me through your writing. I am praying that the words from Isaiah 11:2 about Jesus will be your experience as you prepare for testimony ahead. "The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, th...
Joe Keim
God bless you, Ken. Your strength and courage goes far beyond just you. It reaches other Christians. May the Lord bless you with much.

The Case

Praise God. The Lord has been providing well for Ken's family, through the support of believers around the world. 

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Sentencing Today

Eighteen of us from Stuarts Draft are nearing Burlington to be with our brother at his sentencing, which will be happening at 2:30 this afternoon. We don't expect to be able to talk to Ken, but we will see him in the courtroom, and hopefully hear him speak to the court.

Below is an excerpt from the letter  to the judge he recently finished: 

"If it is true that my actions flow out of my faith in Jesus, and from my deeply held moral believes — and I sincerely think they do — then it must follow that whatever judgment is being brought against me by the United States of America, is judgment on my faith and conscience and deeply help moral beliefs,"

"I was faced with a woman in distress who needed help to protect her daughter from what seemed to be an inhumane court decree."

From David Bercot

The following is taken directly from David Bercot's page on Ken. 


You’re Invited to Attend March 4 I wanted to let everyone know that they are invited to attend Ken’s sentencing on March 4, 2013 at 2:30 p.m. Even though you will probably not get an opportunity to talk to Ken, he will certainly be encouraged and strengthened by your presence. 

Ken Is Back in the Vermont State Prison 8:30 p.m., Feb. 20, 2013: I spoke with Ken this evening around 8:00 p.m. He had just been processed back to the Vermont state facility where he was originally held. He was nearby the phone when I called so we were able to have an extended talk. He wants everyone to know that he is doing fine. We knew he would be transported back to Vermont before the hearing on March 4, but we weren’t expecting the move quite this early.

Ken actually left the Essex County Jail around 11:00 a.m. this morning. But the transportation van was also picking up prisoners from various other jails. So it took until about 7:00 p.m. this evening for the van to reach the Northwest Correctional Center in Vermont. 

Because Ken is back in state prison, it means that only visitors who are on his approved visitor’s list can see him. We don’t know how long it will take to get that list set up. I plan on speaking with him on Thursday morning around 11:00 a.m., and he should know more then. Also, ministers have to be on the prison’s approved “volunteer list” to be able to visit. From what the officer said, ministers are not able to have a one-on-one visit as they are at the Essex County Jail. Instead, the approved ministers meet with a group of prisoners at one time. [David spoke with Ken recently and told us that Ken will be able to see family only next weekend just prior to sentencing.]

Ken Has Moved

We just received word this evening that Ken has been moved to another jail; he's back in Vermont. We think he needed to be in a jail with daily transportation to the courthouse so he can be taken to the courthouse for his sentencing on March 4. Ken has been doing very well so far. Visitors have been up several times, and always come away blessed. He is seeing this time as a kind of spiritual retreat and a witnessing opportunity.  

His new address: 

Kenneth L. Miller

Northwest State Correctional Facility

3649 Lower Newton Rd

Swanton, VT 05488


A new visitors list will need to be approved by the jail. Until then, he won't be able to receive visitors. 

Ken Faring Well

Ken has been doing well in his first two weeks in prison. We hear that a guard quieted his enthusiastic singing in the shower. The same guard later awarded him with some extra telephone time. He's been reading about 40 chapters of scripture a day. He's been receiving a lot of correspondence, which is wonderful. At mealtimes, he was asking the blessing for his own food. The inmates at his table asked him to begin saying grace for the whole table. His wife and a few children were up to visit him on the weekend, and found him well. Anyone wanting to visit should contact our coordinating person here in Virginia. Use the contact page on the website to reach us. God bless all of you for your interest, notes, and prayers. 

Write To Ken!


Write! Both Ken and his family need our encouragement and support. 

Ken’s Address

Kenneth L. Miller
Northwest State Correctional Facility
3649 Lower Newton Rd
Swanton, VT 05488


Family Address

Linda Miller
3301 Stuarts Draft Highway
Waynesboro, VA 22980


Guidelines for Writing

Encourage Ken, and affirm him for his courageous stand, but avoid direct references to parties involved. Mail will probably be read by prison officials. Observe the following guidelines. 

Do NOT include the following:

  • Cards with yarn or ribbon.
  • Cards that are padded.
  • Oversized cards larger than 8x10.
  • Laminated cards.
  • Maps.
  • Letters in foreign languages.
  • Sticker or adhesive signs. (Do not use return address stickers, but make sure you include your return address)
  • Excessive magazine and newspaper clippings or photos.
  • Metal or spiral bound notebooks or calendars.
  • Polaroid or laminated pictures
  • Stamps
  • Cash
  • Personal items (find out the rules first).
  • Anything that might be considered a weapon.
  • Internet URL references. (remove all email addresses or web site information)
  • Books or Magazines (must come directly from the publisher)

You are WELCOME to include: 

  • Your own letter, with return address written on both the envelope and letter.
  • Letters from children.
  • Photos
  • Colorful Post Cards.
  • Poems.
  • Colorful one-page calendars.
  • Articles on current events. A limit of 5 pages of printed or photocopied materials (an individual newspaper clipping will be considered one page) may be received within a piece of regular correspondence. In order to facilitate media review, pages or clippings must not be taped, glued, or pasted together or to other papers.
  • Colorful pictures from the Internet (remove all URL information).
  • Crossword Puzzles (on single sheets of paper).
  • Newspaper or magazine clippings (not too many at one time).
  • Birthday or Holiday Cards.
  • Books (direct from the publisher or retailer).
  • Magazines (direct from the publisher).
Guidelines will probably be revised as we become more knowledgeable about what is truly allowed or prohibited.