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Hello Miller; Although we are catholics, my mother and me got very shaked when we knew about your case. The only thing I can say is that we are convinced about you are a modern hero, now our societies are totally mad!, our countries are becoming into real dictatorships. For thesse reason, in this dark times, people like you is very necessary. We'll pray for you a lot. May our Lord Jes...
elias gross
Greetings dear Ken In the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You don't know me but... We have not forgotten you. We praise God for your steadfastness in the faith of our dearly beloved. If we have not forgotten you, then the one who was so freely delivered up for us all has certainly not forgotten you. I've been thinking, how helplessly Christ was crucified, he was so ...
John Lee Stoltzfus
God is bigger than any mountain that we can or cannot see. We are praying for you and your family.

The Case

Praise God. The Lord has been providing well for Ken's family, through the support of believers around the world. 

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A Day of Prayer and Fasting

The following was written by a pastor from Ukraine. It is shared here to encourage God's people around the world to unite in prayer for one another and for this case. We stand together in the love of Christ our Savior.

Dear Christian Friends,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, to whom someday every knee shall bow!

I shared the need for prayer for the Ken Miller case at our Prayer Service last evening. After prayer in groups, a brother whispered to me that I should give a brief account during the announcements at the end of the service of what happened that Ken Miller is on trial. The congregation was visibly moved as I shared what I remembered of the report below which I had read several hours before the service. When I suggested that perhaps some of us could fast and pray that God would intervene and cause the judge to rule according to Biblical principles, a sister with ten children raised her hand to volunteer to fast. Then another sister, a single converted Jewess who walks with a cane, raised her hand to say she will participate in this fast. Then a brother suggested that the whole church could fast. So we plan to set aside the day of Thursday, August 9 as a day of Prayer and Fasting for the Ken Miller case. This is how God had led us.

After the service I showed the photo of Ken and his wife which a brother sent us yesterday. Upon seeing the photo, several Ukrainians asked, "Are they from the same brotherhood to which we belong?" I answered, "Yes, they are a part of our brotherhood."

For the cause of Jesus Christ,

The Brotherhood of Chernovtsi Evangelical Mennonite Church

May we suggest that God wants some more of us to fast and pray the 9th of August for this case? We are raising our hands with that the sister with ten children and the converted Jewess. With the whole Ukraine church. (Thanks for your example, sister church!)

This is totally voluntary. If you want to fast and pray the 9th, commit to God. (Fasting is most effective if it is secret anyway, right? The Ukraine brethren were not wanting to publish this.)

There is great POWER and BLESSING in fasting and praying. If you commit, God will reward you, and we thank you!

Who is the King of glory we serve? "Lift up your heads, O ye gates... and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah." Psalm 24:9,10

Let's let HIM in, brothers and sisters! That's the way we lift up our gates and our heads, by fasting and praying. And HE will come in! Halleluiah!

For Jesus!

Trial Dates and Information

Ken and his family traveled this week to attend the pre-trial hearing, and are grateful for the safe trip to Vermont and back. They felt the grace of God in a definite way over the time of the hearing.  News reports say Ken is eager for the trial. It would be more correct to say that Ken and his family are greatly anticipating the time when this legal situation is behind them. Until then they simply wish to be surrendered to the will of God and are very grateful for the prayers of God's people being offered on their behalf.


Trial dates are now definite. The trial opens on Wednesday, August 8 and will run that day, Thursday, and Friday. There will be no proceedings on Monday, August 13. The trial will resume on Tuesday, August 14, and run through Friday, August 17. Daily schedule is as follows: Trial opens at 9:00 AM with an hour off for lunch at approx. 12:00-1:00, ending at approx. 5:00 PM. There is a short break in the morning and another break in the afternoon, so that the daily schedule will consist of two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon. 


All proceedings will be held in the Federal District Court in the Federal Building at 11 Elmwood Ave, Burlington, VT, Courtroom 542, Floor 5. The courtroom is open to the public and has about one hundred seats available. All guests should be prepared to go through security and have a photo ID available.


Read here for recent news coverage: and For more background on the story see


We're still coming up short for the amount of funds we need, which will probably top $100,000. If you feel led to give a large amount, we would save between 1 and 3 % if you would mail the donation. See How to Help for more info. God bless you for your giving and earnest prayers.

New Article Added

We've added a new article, "Healthy Sexuality," to our "What We Believe" section. Solo Deo Gloria! 

Trial in August

Please do pray earnestly for the situation and all involved. Ken and his family sense a great need for the mercy and grace of God to help them face whatever lies ahead for the next few months. Trial dates have been set for Tuesday, August 7 through Friday, August 17. The prosecution seems to be bringing an aggressive and comprehensive case, with many witnesses beinig called. More than $50,000 has been expended in legal fees. Due to the complexity of the case and a longer trial than anticipated, another $50,000 will likely be spent. Ken and his family are needing to lean hard upon God.

Latest Dates for the Trial

The Pre-trial Conference has been moved to July 17, and the Jury Draw to August 7, with the trial following soon after. Of course Ken and family would have preferred to have the trial over with sooner rather than later, but they continue in good spirits. Please keep them in your prayers.