Prison Update #10

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

Jesus still lead on
Till our rest be won
And although the way be cheerless
We will follow calm and fearless
Guide us by Thy Hand
To our Fatherland.

These words by Nicholaus Ludwig, the early Moravian leader, have long been precious to me. The last two months were among the most difficult of my entire life. Moving from prison to prison, spending long periods of time in shackles while in transport simply isn't fun. "Diesel therapy," they call it. After 8 moves and 7 institutions in 47 days, Richmond Hall here in good 'ole Petersburg never looked so good! I arrived back here at Petersburg Low a week ago on November 2.

In Buffalo I faced some excruciating decisions. But the grace of God from your prayers and the sweet counsel of my dear wife enabled me to make it through. Until negotiations between the U.S. prosecutors and another party are completed, I'm not free to comment much. But it appears unlikely that I will face further charges, praise God!

My dear mother, Salina (Kanagy) Miller passed from this life on Oct. 2 while I was being held in the Niagara County Jail. There was no way to make it to the funeral. I wept much during those days. Praise God I was able to speak with her the evening before she passed on. And I was able to phone in to the funeral service and listen to almost all of it. We felt God's comforting presence very strongly in the midst of the pain. My mother was a very godly woman who touched many people through her quiet influence. She loved Jesus and believed in His transforming power for all who come to Him. She was a faithful wife and loving mother for almost 56 years. I felt her support very strongly during the trials of the last 5 years.

While on the rec yard on day at Youngstown Ohio, I saw coming toward me a kind, bearded face. To my great surprise, it was Brother Timo Miller! We had a joyous meeting! We slept in different units, but for two days we were able to converse over meals and at the rec yard. Of course we didn't talk about the legal case, but we were able to comfort and exhort each other in the Lord and pray together. That was a huge encouragement to me!!

I met many men. I heard their fascinating and often tragic stories. Pray that the Kingdom Seed sown along the way would bear much fruit.

Let's also keep all those involved in this case in our fervent prayers.

Your brother in Christ,

Ken Miller