Trial Day One

Reminder: Tomorrow is the day of fasting and prayer for this case.


Approximately 50 people were in attendance to support Ken, along with a handful of reporters

Ken and supporters seated on the right; news and prosecution seated on the left


The clerk opened the court, addressing the United States vs Kenneth Miller


The judge addressed the jury, stating the case, and presenting the normal processes of the courts. Several things to note:

  1. 1.The case will be decided upon evidence- testimonies, admission of evidence
  2. 2.Both sides will have opportunity to present evidence
  3. 3.If Ken's side gives evidence, the government will have opportunity to give a rebuttal
  4. 4.After the rebuttal, the evidence is closed
  5. 5.Once arguments are completed, the charge is given to consider the evidence; there is nothing about the judge's view of the evidence
  6. 6.Define the charge that is given
  7. 7.When the charge is given, it is in your hands



  1. Ken is presumed to be innocent
  2. They need proof beyond reasonable doubt
  3. The defendant is not required to testify


The judge stressed that it is not about what you believe about same sex, Amish, or VA's position on same sex marriages.


The prosecution began examining witnesses in the forenoon. They called the following witnesses today:



  • Tara Levine, legal guardian of Isabella
  • Went over many documents of earlier court proceedings to show that Lisa was unwilling to co-operate with court sanctioned visitation rights with Janet Jenkins

       Rebuttal by Mr. Autry

  • Points out documents showing a ruling by the state of VA that Lisa is the sole parent of Isabella
  • Showed that Janet showed no interest in establishing a relationship with Isabella other than by litigation
  • Burden of proof in establishing parentage was a big topic


Ms. Grainger:

  • Intelligence officer from Canada
  • Explained records of Lisa's crossing into Canada by taxi


Ervin Horst

  • Ont., Canada Pastor/ farmer
  • Called to testify how he was called by Ken to pick up Lisa and take her to the airport
  • Spoke of conversation with a "Philip"


Janet Stasulli

  • An acquaintance from Lynchburg, spoke of her contacts up to the time of Lisa's disappearance. (The defense did not get much from her.)


Verizon wireless

  • Explained how the cell phone system works; Reviewed some of Ken's phone calls.



Judge had discussion with the lawyers about Timo's evidence. He knows that the prosecution feels it will be detrimental to their case if his deposition is read in court. He asks that it would be read because it is helpful to the case.


Closed at 3:30