Trial Day Two



There were approximately sixty people present for the trial today.  The security invited us to sit on either side of the court room, as there was not enough room on our side. 


The court opened at 9:00 AM.  The judge inquired as to whether any jury member had heard of or spoken to anyone of the case.  One juror had something to tell the judge.  The judge called for a brief recess with the lawyers and jurors.  Yesterday one juror was disqualified, leaving one juror as a backup.  The juror this morning was also disqualified, leaving no reserve.  The judge admonished the jurors of their responsibility in maintaining absolute reserve regarding the case.


The prosecution continued with witnesses by Google and nTelos regarding phone calls made enroute to Niagara, NY; a statement prepared by Rebecca Zodhiatis; Terry Miller, Lisa's father; Mary Jones of Bee Line Transport in regard to the towing of Lisa's car in Virginia; Linda Rose Miller, Golden Rule Travel, in regard to the sale of airline tickets; a statement prepared by Marvin Mast, Golden Rule Travel, regarding some late-night phone calls; Gary Hubbard, of Google, involving record keeping practices for e-mails; Patrick (?) , a linguistic expert in Pennsylvania German to describe translation of certain e-mails; and finished with a video deposition by Timo Miller.  This was not finished this evening, and will be finished tomorrow.


We want to especially give recognition to Linda Rose Miller for her part on the witness stand.  It was not easy for her.  She most certainly credits the grace of God on her behalf, and the prayers of all of her brothers and sisters in Christ.  It may be that she will be called to the stand again tomorrow.  We ask that you do not try to contact her with any questions or information about the case until she is released from her testimony duties.  Keep her in your prayers, especially considering that her father just came through a cancer surgery, and she cannot be there with him.


Many of our readers would have found the Pennsylvania German (Dutch) linguistic expert quite interesting.  He is a gentleman associated with a Pennsylvania German Historical society in Pennsylvania.  He described his work of translating old Pennsylvania German letters into English, and spoke of the various nuances he encounters in his work.  In the course of his cross-examination Patrick made reference to grund-saugh dauk (Groundhog's Day).  Has anyone ever seen a high profile federal court in stitches of laughter?  The Vermonters knew nothing of the origins of Groundhog Day, Feb. 2.  Especially when Patrick related of the eight foot tall groundhog mascot for a males only groundhog society.  The court went into hysterics.  I thought the one juror lady would be struck out from laughing so hard.  Ms. Cawley, the cross-examining prosecutor was over come with laughing.  The judge couldn't contain himself, as well as the other lawyers.  Ken's Vermont lawyer was wiping tears and wiping his nose.  The judge suggested they may need a recess to get this thing straightened out.  They finally got their act together and dismissed the Pennsylvania German groundhog society member.


God has been answering prayers, some quite specifically.  Pray especially for Bro. Ken and his family; Sister Linda Rose; several others of our brothers who may be called upon to testify; pray for the prosecution and the defense lawyers as the Spirit of God lays it on your hearts.