Trial Day Three



The court opened this morning at 9:00 with approximately 70 people in attendance. 


The judge discussed several issues with the attorneys before the jury came in.  They involved the idea that

Vermont law and Virginia law are consistent with each other on this issue of parental rights.  This ruling was made in a previous court session held in Virginia Supreme Court.  The court discussed at length as to whether quality of character can be brought into the defense.  The court discussed the type of evidence that could be obtained from Janet Jenkins.  The judge called the attorneys back to the fact that this case is not about a custody battle, but about aiding and abetting.



Jury entered at 9:30.  The jury was cleared to continue with the case.


The prosecution called more witnesses to the stand.  They included the following: the conclusion to Timo Miller's statements; testimony regarding Stellar One Bank and checks that were processed through that bank; Andrew Yoder, CAM field director 2007- 2011; email correspondence between Milmont Greenhouses and Philip Zodhiates regarding hydrangea purchases for a wedding; a written statement by Duane Weaver; John Curtis, US Marshall; Janet Jenkins; a lady who helped design and maintain the website; Doug Wright, pastor from Berryville, VA; Phil Koonz, BB&T Bank; Elaine Cooper; and finally, a US Postal inspector.


The judge made a statement that circumstances indicate knowledge that there may or may not have been illegal activity.  He also discussed the issue of venue (where the trial should be held).  A large part of the alleged criminal activity took pace outside the US, so the trial should be held in the state in which the arrest was made.  This concluded the prosecution's presentation of evidence.


The defense called two witnesses to discuss Bro. Ken's credibility and trustworthiness issues.  They were Linda Rose Miller, and Ivan Beachy, Free Union, VA.  They both gave good testimony to his integrity.


In yesterday's post we asked that Sister Linda Rose would not be questioned in regard to the case.  That restriction is lifted, as she has finished her testimony.  Thanks again so much for praying and supporting Bro. Ken to this point.  Of course, we do not know how long the trial will continue, but Ken's attorney expects it to be finished by next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Once again, we ask for you continued prayer support.


We failed to give an update on our evening activities on Wednesday and Thursday evening.  On Wednesday evening we had an informal meeting at a nearby park overlooking Lake Champlain.  We had a very refreshing time of singing, testimonies, and prayer.  On Thursday we met a friend who used to be a part of a local Mennonite church.  He asked us to sing in front of the town hall.  He helped us to obtain the necessary permits.  The group had a good evening of singing, passing out CAM CDs, and witnessing.  A rain set in just as we were wrapping up the evening.  This evening most of the folks headed for home.