Grand Jury Testimony Appeal

Note: this is old news--sorry for the delay in posting. 


Here is yet another update on the Grand Jury testimony. Recently Judge Sessions ruled to deny our  motion to delay the grand jury testimony and the date for testimony was set for November 15th. The deadline for appealing his ruling was yesterday, Oct. 16th.


 A few days ago ago our friend, Wilson Ring from the Associated Press, spoke with our attorney, Josh Autry. At that time we had no plans to file an appeal, and it was reported that way in Ring’s article. Since then, after reviewing the situation with my attorneys, and with the deadline fast approaching, we have arrived at a different place. Yesterday Mr. Autry filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals in New York City.


We have been extremely grateful for David Bercot’s legal counsel. As you may know, David is a licensed attorney-at-law. He stepped forward soon after the trial and offered to serve as a liaison between the Anabaptist community and the legal system and we  have met several times now.   His counsel on the decision to appeal was quite helpful. David has reviewed the case and assured me that this isn't a frivolous appeal, but that there are substantive issues at hand. 


We don’t know, of course, if the appeal will be successful or how long it will take to wind its way through the appeals court. We simply trust our Sovereign God---who holds the courts of earth in the palm of His Hand--- to decide what is best.


I thought it would be good to clarify the changing circumstances with our people. No one was trying to mislead anyone, we are simply at a different place than we were two days ago, and so have decided to appeal after-all.