Sentencing Date is March 4

I have now been assigned a sentencing date—March 4, 2013. Below in italics is a question Pablo

Yoder sent to me. Below that is my response.


Does this actually mean that you will be free to be about the Lord's business until after March 4,

2013. I mean, I am sure the suspense won´t be fun, but you can at least get on with life and relax

until then if that is what it means. Maybe you could explain this in a nutshell, telling us how you and

your family feel and then I could pass it on to my readers. Just an idea


By the grace of God, I will be free to be about the Lord’s business before and after March 4,

regardless of my location.


By that same grace which is coming as a result of so many of your prayers, the family is coping

amazingly well. My dear wife has a lot to do with it too. She isn’t easily discouraged; and when

mamma’s happy, everyone’s happy! It’s helped our children adapt to the uncertainty of it all.


As for myself, I’ve just had my 47th birthday and don’t know if I’ve ever been happier in all my life.

You have to understand, for a lot of my life, I lived with worry and anxiety, the pressure to succeed.

Something has changed.


We are learning Jesus’ words are true for every circumstance: “Come to me all you who are weary

and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Someone said, “Rest is simply release from (the) burden. It’s

not something we do. His own meekness, that is the rest.” What a relief to let go of the burdens!

How wonderful it is to know that Jesus is a Friend to all who are crushed by the burdens of life! We

discover that turning away from our sin and yielding ourselves to Jesus is the way to inner peace and

harmony. This is what we are learning, slowly but surely, and this is why we can be at rest right now.


We have learned that Jesus is all-- powerful. He was powerful enough to “destroy him who had

the power of death, that is the devil, and deliver them who all their lifetimes were subjected to

bondage.” He was powerful enough to rise from the dead. All authority has been given Him. He is

powerful enough to overcome all the sin in our lives—He proved it by His own sinless life. With our

faith in Him we are secure and nothing can shake us.


Brother Pablo, you asked how we are doing. We are seeking to place our faith fully in Jesus, and

while there have been dark days, we are discovering that He truly IS a Friend to those in need and

the Source of great joy and peace.


Blessings in His great Name,