Write To Ken!


Write! Both Ken and his family need our encouragement and support. 

Ken’s Address

Kenneth L. Miller
Northwest State Correctional Facility
3649 Lower Newton Rd
Swanton, VT 05488


Family Address

Linda Miller
3301 Stuarts Draft Highway
Waynesboro, VA 22980


Guidelines for Writing

Encourage Ken, and affirm him for his courageous stand, but avoid direct references to parties involved. Mail will probably be read by prison officials. Observe the following guidelines. 

Do NOT include the following:

  • Cards with yarn or ribbon.
  • Cards that are padded.
  • Oversized cards larger than 8x10.
  • Laminated cards.
  • Maps.
  • Letters in foreign languages.
  • Sticker or adhesive signs. (Do not use return address stickers, but make sure you include your return address)
  • Excessive magazine and newspaper clippings or photos.
  • Metal or spiral bound notebooks or calendars.
  • Polaroid or laminated pictures
  • Stamps
  • Cash
  • Personal items (find out the rules first).
  • Anything that might be considered a weapon.
  • Internet URL references. (remove all email addresses or web site information)
  • Books or Magazines (must come directly from the publisher)

You are WELCOME to include: 

  • Your own letter, with return address written on both the envelope and letter.
  • Letters from children.
  • Photos
  • Colorful Post Cards.
  • Poems.
  • Colorful one-page calendars.
  • Articles on current events. A limit of 5 pages of printed or photocopied materials (an individual newspaper clipping will be considered one page) may be received within a piece of regular correspondence. In order to facilitate media review, pages or clippings must not be taped, glued, or pasted together or to other papers.
  • Colorful pictures from the Internet (remove all URL information).
  • Crossword Puzzles (on single sheets of paper).
  • Newspaper or magazine clippings (not too many at one time).
  • Birthday or Holiday Cards.
  • Books (direct from the publisher or retailer).
  • Magazines (direct from the publisher).
Guidelines will probably be revised as we become more knowledgeable about what is truly allowed or prohibited.