From David Bercot—Role of Others in the Case

To begin with, nobody testified against Ken Miller. Several Anabaptists, including Timo Miller, gave their testimony concerning what they knew about the disappearance of Lisa Miller and her daughter. They weren’t joining sides with the prosecution against Ken. If any of them had refused to testify, the government would have prosecuted them for the role they played in Lisa’s disappearance. The government would also have called them to testify before a grand jury, and they would have been jailed for contempt of court if they had refused to testify there.
As it happened, the testimony of these Anabaptists confirmed the circumstantial evidence the government already had against Ken, and it led to Ken’s arrest. However, it’s important to understand that each of these persons testified that it was Ken who had contacted them and asked them to get involved in helping Lisa move to Nicaragua. In other words, they didn’t bring Ken into the matter, he brought them into it. That being the case, would it have been right for Ken to let them go to jail in order to protect him?
If Ken was the one who got them involved in the Lisa Miller disappearance, and if they were offered immunity for their testimony, then Christian love required that Ken be the one to face prosecution instead of them. It’s for that reason that Ken is not in any way upset or disappointed with these fellow believers. Nor does he want anyone else to view them negatively because of the stance they took. He is happy that he was the only one to be prosecuted, for it could have easily turned out differently, and everyone could have been prosecuted instead of just Ken.