Monday's Hearing

Dear Friends, 


Ken and his wife will soon be leaving for Connecticut, where the hearing will be held before three justices of the Second Circuit Court. This hearing, along with four other cases, has been moved from its normal venue in NYC to the University of Connecticut law school for the benefit of the law students. 

Based on the arguments presented in this appeal, the justices will, within a matter of weeks, rule on the appeal. If the ruling does not go in our favor, Ken could be back in prison soon. If it does go in our favor, we are not completely certain what the next step would be. 

Pray for what happens Monday, especially that  we and others would see and acknowledge the presence, the power, and the wisdom of our Father. Pray that Ken and Linda will be at rest.  


For anyone wanting to attend, here is the info: 

UConn Law School

William F Starr Hall Reading Room

55 Elizabeth Street

Hartford, CT 06105

Corrected Time: The court session starts at 10:00, and you should be there by 9:30.