Deborah Dombrowski
Lighthouse Trails has been praying for everyone involved in this situation for nearly seven years. We are advocates for protecting children. May Isabella walk closely with Jesus as she grows into a young woman, and may God give the Kenneth Miller family peace and comfort during this time apart from each other.
Leon Moyer
Let us pray Ken will be granted wisdom and strength to use his time to speak during the sentencing to the honor and glory of God. This will be a time to publicly witness of the doctrines and Biblical principles to which Ken has strived to be obedient, and which are in conflict with the laws of World (unregenerate mankind). First Peter 3:15 The true believer has historically chosen God’s Word o...
Les Coomer
Thank you for following God rather than man. Let us know where Ken serves and I for one will write. I have never been in prison, but was a chaplain for Indiana Dept of Corrections ( I am a General Baptist pastor). With good time Ken should be out before his sentence time is complete. Check federal regs to get the exact time. Minimum security is not bad time. Oh for sure nobody chooses incarceratio...
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