Robin Burkholder
I am rejoicing with tears of thanksgiving, for all that has come of this trying time.(most especially that you are home, Ken!) You my Brothers and Sisters(my extended family, in Christ) have truly 'let your light shine' and have brought Glory to our Lord, with humility and grace. With love,prayers, and praise!
Enos D. Stutzman
Hi Ken, This is great to be able to communicate with you. How are you doing. We think often of you,and pray for you every day. You need to know that many people ask about you, and are praying for you. Your resolute commitment is an inspiration for many fellow believers. Keep the faith! Dad
Ephraim Renno
Brother Ken and all involved, Know that you have the opportunity to greatly enhance the Kingdom of God as you humbly and boldly stand on the rock Jesus Christ. Many people are praying for you. Our prayer is; As you endure reproach for His sake your joy might be full. Your faith will be steadfast in the midst of a confused world that stands in opposition to the commandments of our Creator. ...
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