Rev. Tom Deibler
Dear Brother Ken, I so admire your courage and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for giving you the strength to put Isabella's welfare above your own comfort. You show us how to lose one's life for Christ's sake and the gospel's in order to find it. I am praying for Janet Jenkins and Judge Sessions that they will believe on Him.
Robert & Rhoda Miller
Hello Ken, I met your lovely daughter several weeks ago; we are saddened that you can't be at her wedding! We have been so blessed by your strength and courage through this trial- we'll continue to pray as you face this unknown future. God bless you and your family!!! Love, Robert & Rhoda Miller
clair and naomi zimmerman
Ken: Remember God is on your side. We are remembering you in our prayers. Asking that God keep you strong in all circumstances. Clair Zimmerman
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