Carole Painter
Ken and Family: My heart is with you. I came to Milmont today, but found myself breaking out in tears. I kept thinking, "Ken is in prison for doing the right thing!" I have always fled TO Milmont when the outside world seemed harsh. Today, it seemed that the world came to Milmont to take some of the goodness away. You are in my prayers daily and have been since this all started. I...
Robin Burkholder
I am rejoicing with tears of thanksgiving, for all that has come of this trying time.(most especially that you are home, Ken!) You my Brothers and Sisters(my extended family, in Christ) have truly 'let your light shine' and have brought Glory to our Lord, with humility and grace. With love,prayers, and praise!
Maureen Bagi
Congratulations! You are the only person I know who will stand up for God and their beliefs! This man-made law is not God's law.....look what they did to Jesus too! You hang in matter what they do to you! God's law is permanent.....
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