Robin Burkholder what is filling my heart, Ken, as I read your posts here. Praying with everyone else, as we watch the beauty of what God is doing in each one of us...and yes, even in this circumstance! The blessing I got by reading here...the smiles...chuckles...and even tears...are overwhelming me, this morning. Oh how special to envision my other Brothers in Christ there with y...
Paul & Edith Yoder
We are praying for you and your family. It is encouraging for us to observe God's faithfulness in ministering to you in your deepest hour of need, giving you the grace to testify of the reality of God's presence and peace! Keep looking to Him Who is within you and Who is also much greater than he who is in the world!
cliff and rosa
hello bro. just another one gathered at the fee tof jesus to i ntercede for you and your family.God bles your faithfull ness, finally a witness to the courrpt society around us that the way of the cross leads home.
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