Paul Shaw
Dear Brother Our 4 year old daughter, Jemima, is singing Bunyan's old hymn 'He who would valiant be' like a broken record at the moment. I thought of you: 'There's no discouragement Shall make him once relent His first avowed intent To be a pilgrim' Having been counted worthy to suffer for His sake, know that He has prepared a place for you. Yours in Ch...
Dale Glasshess
How far our culture has degenerated that you should have to undergo prosecution by the legal system to uphold what peoples have adhered to for thousands of years and what Jesus Himself taught about marriage and human ***uality. May the Lord encourage you and grant you relief in the face of these financial pressures and hear your prayers for mercy from unjust persecution.
Cornelia Abreu
Dear brother, I have just read for the first time about Lisa Miller and how your life has come under pressure. Human "justice" wants to state an example by putting God's servant in jail. And God might want to state an example by letting his just servant go to jail to be a radiant, incontestable testimony of Christ there and over media, at a greater scale than ever before. May the ...
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