Joe and Ruth Miller
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are so sad it has come to this...God is greater and even though our heart aches for you our trust in our loving Father is not diminished! May you find His grace and strength sufficient at all times. We will not forget you but will keep you in our prayers.
Shawn Martin
Our prayers continue to be with you here at Hillview Mennonite Church. I think it so much better to have the imprisonment of a church leader made popular when that leader is taking a Biblical stand, rather than the hurtful popularity of Christian leaders who have come up against the law for legitimate reasons. May God continue to bless you with strength as you live with the privilege He has grante...
Kristi Miller
Ken, you and your family are in my prayers as well as our churches prayers! I am praying that you get to reach people in Prison that would never listen to you behind the pulpit! God Bless You Ken! I believe that God is gonna do great things through this! Serving in Amherst~ Kristi
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