Leon Moyer
Let us pray Ken will be granted wisdom and strength to use his time to speak during the sentencing to the honor and glory of God. This will be a time to publicly witness of the doctrines and Biblical principles to which Ken has strived to be obedient, and which are in conflict with the laws of World (unregenerate mankind). First Peter 3:15 The true believer has historically chosen God’s Word o...
Kirk and Barbara Anderson
Dear Ken and Linda and family, We are deeply inspired by your example and devotion to Christ and to our faithful Heavenly Father who watches over each one of you and us. Thank you for giving us this present-day witness, and for demonstrating to each of us how being sacrificially faithful to Christ in this modern age is done. It is not easy for you, nor for us to watch, and yet to do and to be o...
We have been praying for you, Brother. Take heart, the Lord is on your side!
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